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About the Institute75th anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry

The Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE) was established on November 3, 1988 by the Order № 2198r of the USSR Council of Ministers with the aim of advancing basic research to address the problems of increasing safety of nuclear power plants. The basis activity of the Institute is a comprehensive safety analysis of nuclear-power facilities including nuclear fuel cycle with the use of advanced computer technologies. Effective approaches to safety analysis are developed at the Institute, which are based on the development and use of advanced mathematical methods and physical models, methods of probabilistic safety analysis, banks of experimental and operational data, models of transport of radioactive and chemically-hazardous substances in the environment and their impact on the environment and human beings.



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Участие в 4-м Внеочередном совещании в рамках Объединенной конвенции МАГАТЭ

Сотрудник ИБРАЭ РАН Е.Г. Мамчиц в качестве эксперта принял участие в работе четвертого Внеочередного совещания Договаривающихся сторон Объединенной конвенции о безопасности обращения с отработавшим топливом и о безопасности обращения с радиоактивными отходами, которое состоялось 4—6 мая 2022 г. в штаб-квартире МАГАТЭ (г. Вена, Австрия).


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The department was established in 1992. Its purpose is to train professionals for new and fast developing area of science connected with investigation of the general laws of environmental and industrial disasters, development of scientific methods of analysis and control of emergency situations and risk analysis.


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Journal «Radioactive waste»

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Journal «Arctic: ecology and economy»

AnnouncementArchiveEditorial board
Volume 12, No.1, 2022Volume 12, No.1, 2022

In this issue of the Journal you can read (in Russian):

about economic feasibility assessment of connecting remote eastern Arctic consumers to the power grid;
about the assessment of environmental risks from air pollution in the Arctic zone under a changing climate;
about economic assessment of mineral resource potential of the Komi Republic Arctic territories;
about the problem of automatic routing of vessels in ice;

and about the studies aimed at: study and development of natural resources of the Arctic, creating new technologies for the Arctic, solution of ecological and economic problems of the Arctic regions.


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