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Memories, meetings, reflectionsMemories, meetings, reflections

The book of Academician, Vice-Admiral A.A. Sarkisov is dedicated to the memories of the Great Patriotic War, active participant of which he was from 1941 to 1945, as well as to the events related to the creation of the nuclear fleet in our country and the formation of large-scale training of officer engineering personnel in the nuclear power profile. In this context, many topical scientific problems of nuclear power in general and ship nuclear power in particular are touched upon.

A separate place in the book is devoted to the author’s memories of a number of outstanding scientific figures and military commanders, with whom he had the opportunity to meet and communicate according to his official duties. The author’s reflections on many debatable problems, the relevance of which remains to this day, will be of interest not only for scientists of different specialties, but also for all who are interested in the history of Russian science and technology.

The uniqueness of the book is that it simultaneously concentrates the great experience of military service and the multifaceted scientific and scientific-organizational activity of the author. The book is intended for a wide audience.


Bibliographic information

Memories. Meetings. Reflections / А.А. Sarkisov. — 2nd ed., rev., edited and actualized, Moscow : Komtehprint, 2012. — 563 pp. : ill. — ISBN 978-5-903511-30-3 (in translation).

The publication was carried out with the financial support of the Russian Basic Research Foundation for the Project No. 12-08-07029.

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