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Radioactive Waste. Issue 1(2) 2018

Publish year: 2018
ISSN: 2587-9707
Pages: 76

In this issue of the Journal you can read:

about the issue of generation and management of radioactive waste from remediation of contaminated territories;
about technical aspects of creating a regional disposal facility for radioactive waste
about steady-state model for numerical migration analysis based on hydro-geological conditions of «Eniseyskii» site;

and about recent scientific researches on processing, conditioning, transportation, disposal of radioactive waste, international cooperation and more.

ISSUE 1(2) 2018 English version

Authors Articles (in Russian) Page
Cover and Content 1
Editorial Board and Editorial Team 3
To the 90th Anniversary of Leonid Andreevich Ilyin 4
I. USS RW development

Abalkina I. L., Linge I. I.,   Panchenko S. V.

On the Issue of Generation and Management of Radioactive Waste from Remediation of Contaminated Territories 5
II. Disposal of radioactive waste   

Sorokin V. T., Pavlov D. I.

Technical Aspects of Creating a Regional Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste. Retrospective of the Approaches 12

Bogatov S. A.

HLW Disposal of in Vertical Deposition Holes with Cement Backfill — Pro and Contra with Regard to Long Term Safety of Geological Disposal Facility 17
III. Processing, conditioning and transportation of RW   
Kachan P. P., Krasnov I. M., Stakhiv M. P. Experience of Exploiting the Radioactive Waste Recycling Complex at the Smolensk NPP 27
Savkin A. E., Karlina O. K. Development of a Conditioning Technology for Spent Ion Exchange Resins 34
Varlakov A. P., Germanov A. V., Mariakhin M. A., Varlakova G. A., Udalaya M. V. The Establishment of Mobile Installation for Contaminated Soil Treatment Based on the Technology of Hydro-Gravity Separation of Fine Fraction in “VNIINM” 41
Gudim Yu. A., Golubev A. A., Grachev V. A. Single-stage Pyrometallurgical Processing of Radioactive Scrap Metal 46
IV. Models for the Safety Analysis of RW Disposal Facilities

Vasiliev A. D., Kondratenko P. S., Matveev L. V.

Nonsteady-State Model of Double Porosity for the Consideration of Radionuclides’ Migration at the “Eniseyskiy” Site 52
V. Matrixes for RW Immobilization and Processing  

Varlakov A. P., Kapustin V. V., Varlakova G. A., Zherebtsov A. A., Petrov V. G., Shirshin E. A., Kalmykov S. N.

The Effect of Radiation Doses Typical for High-level Waste on the Properties of the Cement Matrix 63

Stefanovsky S. V., Stefanovskaya O. I., Semenova D. I.

Phase Composition and Structure of Glassy Materials on Sodium Aluminophosphate Basis Containing Rare Earth Oxides 69
VI. News  
Book review “Scientific Basis for the Safety Assessment of Long-lived Radioactive Waste Geological Disposal (the Eniseyskiy Project)” 73
VI. Editorial 
Editorial Policy of the Journal and Rules for Scientific Papers 75

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