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ISSUE 2(3) 2018

Issue 2(3) 2018

Publish year: 2018
ISSN: 2587-9707
Pages: 128

In this issue of the Journal you can read (in Russian):

about safety assessment of geological repositories of HLW and SNF: the international experience in the application to the Eniseiskiy project;
about analysis of the RW radionuclide composition in the context of long-term sfety of its disposal;
about magnesium potassium phosphate matrix for solidification of intermediate level waste containing actinides and ammonium nitrate;

and about recent scientific researches on processing, conditioning, transportation, disposal of radioactive waste, international cooperation and more.

ISSUE 2(3)2018

* Translation into English is made to the summary, bibliography, information on authors and bibliography. Translation into English is in the author’s version.
Authors Articles (in Russian) Page
Editorial Board and Editorial Team 4
Obituary. Rudolf Mikhaylovich Aksakhin 6
L. A. Bolshov, I. I. Linge, S. S. Utkin, M.V. Vedernikova The 30-th anniversary of the Nuclear Safety Institute of RAS: key milestones in RW management
I. USS RW development
O. V. Krukov Brief note on the approval of the Strategy for the Development of a Deep Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste 16
II. Disposal of radioactive waste   
B. T. Kochkin Safety assessment of geological repositories for HLW and SNF: applying international experience to the Yeniseisky Project 18
V. V. Krupskaya, D. V. Biryukov, P. E. Belousov, V. A. Lekhov, A. Yu. Romanchuk, S. N. Kalmykov The use of natural clay materials to enhance nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear legacy facilities 30
T. A. Alexandrova, P. A. Blokhin, A. A. Samoylov, A. V. Kuryndin Analysis of the RW radionuclide composition in the context of long-term safety of its disposal 44
K. V. Martynov, E. V. Zakharova Evaluating the localization and evolution scenario for RW deep disposal facility at the Yeniseisky site (Krasnoyarsk Region) 52
III. Processing, conditioning and transportation of radioactive wast  
A. S. Danilovich, V. I. Pavlenko, V. N. Potapov, S. G. Semenov, A. V. Chesnokov, A. D. Shisha RW management technologies in the decommissioning of research reactors MR and RFT 63
M. N. Diordiy, V. E. Semenov, O. K. Karlina The complex for collection, transportation, storage and disposal of spent radioactive sources 73
IV. Models and software for the safety analysis of radioactive waste disposal facilities
R. A. Butov, In. I. Linge, E. A. Saveleva, V. S. Svitelman, A. N. Dorofeev, V. L. Tikhonovsky Information platform for RW deep disposal R&D program 79
A. A. Zherebtsov, A. P. Varlakov, A. V. Germanov, D. A. Sharov, V. F. Eltsin, A. K. Churakov, G. E. Skakun Approaches to the characterization of RW resulting from the «PRORYV» project implementation 88
A. I. Blokhin, P. A. Blokhin, I. V. Sipachev Functionality of TRACT code in solving RW and SNF characterization problems 95
S. E. Vinokurov, S. A. Kulikova, V. V. Krupskaya, B. F. Myasoedov Magnesium potassium phosphate matrix used to immobilize intermediate level waste containing actinides and ammonium nitrate 105
V. New documents  
  Strategies for the development of RW deep disposal facility 114
VI. News
Brief international news 121
Bulletin on the session of SC Rosatom’s Scientific and Technical Council 10 Ecology and Radiation Safety of March 26, 2018 125
VII. Editorial (in Russian)
Editorial Policy of the Journal 126
Requirements to the Article Preparation for Authors 127

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