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Issue 4(8) 2012Issue 4(8) 2012

In this issue of the magazine you can read (in Russian):

about Priority programs of the Arctic seas rehabilitation from flooded and sunk nuclear and radiation hazardous objects

about Prompt monitoring of structural behaviours of concrete using a non-destructive method for erection of crucial ferro-concrete constructions in the Arctic conditions

about Exercise "Arctic-2012"

and about other studies and experiments related to the history, economy, ecology and safety of the Arctic region



Issue 3(7) 2012Issue 3(7) 2012

In this issue of the magazine you can read (in Russian):

about development of power industry in Arctic regions: problems and possibilities of small generation

about experience of seismographic studies of the soil basis of the facilities for processing and long-term storage of radioactive waste of dismantled nuclear- submarines in Sayda-bay

about experience and operation prospects of the icebreaker fleet in Russian Arctic regions

about diving to the bottom of Arctic ocean in the geographical point of the North Pole

and about other studies related to the history, economy and ecology of the Arctic region

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