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ISSUE 4(5)2018

Issue 4(5)2018

Publish year: 2018
ISSN: 2587-9707
Pages: 114

In this issue of the Journal you can read (in Russian):

about the near-surface disposal facilities of radioactive waste
about technologies of radioactive waste disposal;
about experience of recycling the liquid radioactive waste at the Kola NP;
about review of Russian scientific publications on radioactive waste management printed in 2017—2018.

and about recent scientific researches on processing, conditioning, transportation, disposal of radioactive waste, international cooperation and more.




ISSUE 4(5)2018

* Translation into English is made to the summary, bibliography, information on authors and bibliography. Translation into English is in the author’s version.
Authors Articles (in Russian) Page
L. A. Bolshov, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, ChiefEditor On the First Anniversary of the Scientific and Technical Journal «Radioactive Waste» 6
I. USS RW development
Pron I. A., Konovalov V. Y. The Near-Surface Disposal Facilities of Radioactive Waste:Operational Experience 8

Abalkina I. L.

VLLW Disposal Experience: Perspectives for Russia 15
II. Disposal of radioactive waste   

Sorokin V. T. Pavlov D. I.

Technologies of Radioactive Waste Disposal: European Experience and Trends 24

Linge I. I., Ivanov A. Y., Kazakov K. S.

On Comprehensive Approach to Use Clay Materials as Nuclear Facilities Safety Barriers 33

Pron I. A., Tkachenko A. V., Martyanov V. V., Trofimova I. V., Yakovleva I.V.

An Approach to Monitoring of the Geosphere and Underground Engineer Barrier System of Deep Geological Injection Facilities and Some Results of Monitoring 42
IIIProcessing, conditioning and transportation of radioactive waste  

Avezniyazov S. R., Stakhiv M. R.

Experience of Recycling the Liquid Radioactive Waste at the Kola NPP 49

Kozlov P. V., Remizov . B., Makarovsky R. ., Dementyeva I. I., Lupekha N. A., Zubrilovsky Ye. N., Kustov S. V., Miroshnichenko A. A.

Basic Approaches, Experience and Problems Related to Reprocessing of Liquid Radioactive Waste of Complex Chemical Composition Accumulated in Storage Tanks


Aloy A. S., Trofimenko A. V., Koltsova T. I., Nikandrova M. V.

Physico-Chemical Characteristics of the Vitrified Simulated HLW at EDC MCC


Varlakov A. P., Sergeecheva Y. V., Ivliev M. V., Germanov A. V.

On the Development of Requirements for Measurement of Radiation Characteristics of solid radioactive waste generated during decommissioning


Haperskaya A. V., Dorofeev . N., Utkin S. S., Dorogov V. I., Samoylov . ., Mamchits E. G., Ponizov . V., Vasilishin . L.

On Some Aspects of Identifying "Good Practices" under the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management

IV. Models and software for the safety analysis of radioactive waste disposal facilities

Tokarev Y. N., Moiseenko E.V., Drobyishevskiy N. I., Butov R. A.

Exact Analytical Solutions for Non-Steady Heat Transfer Problems and their Role in Verification of Models for Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Processes in Deep Geological Radioactive Waste Repositories 90
V. News
Latest Events in Nuclear Science and Technologies 99
News — Summer 2018 102
Review of Russian Scientific Publications on Radioactive Waste Management Printed in 2017—2018 106
VI. Editorial (in Russian)
Editorial Policy of the Journal 112
Requirements to the Article Preparation for Authors 113

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