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ISSUE 1(6) 2019

Issue 1(6) 2019

Publish year: 2019
ISSN: 2587-9707
Pages: 106

In this issue of the Journal you can read (in Russian):

about development of USS RW in the framework of federal targeted program of nuclear;
about cost of radwaste disposal a foreign assessment;
about experience and issues of reprocessing liquid radioactive waste of complex chemical composition;

and about recent scientific researches on processing, conditioning, transportation, disposal of radioactive waste, international cooperation and more.





ISSUE 1(6)2019

* Translation into English is made to the summary, bibliography, information on authors and bibliography. Translation into English is in the author’s version.
Authors Articles (in Russian) Page
Editorial Board and Editorial Team 5
To the 95th Anniversary of Ashot Arakelovich Sarkisov 6
To the 80th Anniversary of Boris Grigor’evich Ershov 7
I. USS RW development
Abramov A. A., Dorofeev A. N., Deryabin S. A. Development of USS RW in the Framework of Federal Targeted Program of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Assurance 8

Kryukov O. V., Khaperkaya A.V., Dorofeev A. N., Ferapontov A. V., Kudryavtsev E. G., Linge I. I., Utkin S. S., Dorogov V. I.,  Sharafutdinov R. B.,  Ponizov . V., Vasilishin A. L.

Implementation of Obligations of Russia under the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management 25
II. Disposal of radioactive waste   

Barinov A. S., Drobyshevskiy N. I.

Purposes of Bituminous Compounds and Requirements for their Disposal 37

Sorokin V. T., Pavlov D. I.

The Cost of Radwaste Disposal: a Foreign Assessment 46

Svitelman V. S.

The Review of the International Intercomparison and Harmonisation Project on Demonstrating the Safety of Geological Disposal (GEOSAF PART III) 56
IIIProcessing, conditioning and transportation of radioactive waste  

Gavrilov P. M., Merkulov I. A., Matselya V. I., Druz D. V.

Experience and Issues of Reprocessing Liquid Radioactive Waste of Complex Chemical Composition at FSUE “MCC” 62
IV. Models and software for the safety analysis of radioactive waste disposal facilities

Neuvazhaev G. D., Saveleva E. A., Svitelman V. S.

Variation Approach to Sensitivity Assessment of a Migration Model 69

Tatarinov V. N., Morozov V. N., Kaftan V. I., Manevith A. I., Tatarinova T. A.

Underground Research Laboratory: Problems of Geodynamic Research 77
Gupalo V. S., Kazakov K. S., Kryuchkov D. V., Pankratenko A. N., Pleshko M. S., Voznesensky A. S., Gaisin R. M., Moseykin V. V. The Study of the State of Rock Mass During Construction of Underground Research Laboratory as a Stage of Obtaining Initial Data for the Safety Assessments of Deep Geological Disposal 90
V. News
Brief International News — November-December 2018 100
VI. Editorial (in Russian)
Editorial Policy of the Journal 104
Requirements to the Article Preparation for Authors 105

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