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Chernobyl-Fukusima: travel notes of the liquidator

Language: русский
Publish year: 2017
Pages: 364

R.V. Arutyunyan

The book describes the events, in which the author participated directly. Accidents at NPP and other nuclear power facilities and their radiation effects, as well as emerging complex human and scientific problems, are described in the context of specific emergency situations. The subject of the analysis of the book is the reasons for practically regular scaling the socio-economic consequences of any radiation accidents due to subjective factors.

Documents and photos are presented that clearly characterize the specifics of situation and reflect the real state of affairs in acute periods directly on the ground.

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Chernobyl-Fukusima: Travel Notes of the Liquidator / Rafael Arutyunyan. M. 2018. — 300 p. : pictures + inset (64 p.). ISBN 978-5-90-6324-06-1



The author is Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Deputy Director for research works of the Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBRAE RAN).

He is an author of more than two hundred scientific articles and monographs in the field of gamma-laser theory, the effect of high-power radiation on materials, physical models of severe accidents at NPP and their consequences, scientific aspects of responding to radiation accidents and acts of radiological terrorism.

For the courage and dedication shown in the mitigation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, R.V. Arutyunyan was awarded the Order of Courage.

The author is a laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology. Holder of the Order of Honor. He was awarded departmental awards of EMERCOM and the State Corporation «Rosatom».

The publication will be interesting not only to safety experts, but also to a wide range of readers.

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