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Founder of the Soviet Nuclear fleet Sarkisov and Swedish nuclear physicist Larsson won the "Global Energy" Prize

Founder of the Soviet Nuclear fleet Sarkisov and Swedish nuclear physicist Larsson won the "Global Energy" Prize

Award ceremony of the "Global Energy" Prize was held in the frames of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday, May 23.
The Head of Oil Company "Rosneft" Igor Sechin presented the Prize.

This year the laureates of the International Energy Prize have become Swedish scientist Lars Gunnar Larsson and his Russian counterpart - Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ashot Sarkisov, who earned the award for their outstanding contribution to the improvement of nuclear power safety and decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

The Award Premium Fund in 2014 amounted to 33 million rubles.

As previously reported with reference to the Prize organizers, the laureates 2014 achieved the results significant for the global scientific community. Academician Sarkisov is known as one of the founders of the Soviet nuclear fleet, but in recent decades he has focused on other important aspects of nuclear power – its safety enhancement. For years Sarkisov is actively involved in cooperation with the RAS and the National Academy of Sciences of the United States on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

In 2004 the scientist led the development of the Master Plan on the disposal of decommissioned Russian nuclear fleet and remediation of its hazardous infrastructure facilities in the North-West of Russia.

Famous Swedish nuclear physicist L.Larsson contributed to the study of the NPP impact on the environment. The results of his work have been claimed in the event of various emergencies. "In particular, Larsson participated in the accident investigation and the aftermath at the nuclear power plant in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania (Three Mile Accident) in 1979. Despite the fact that Larsson has always lived and worked in Sweden, his most famous works are very closely linked to Russia. Specifically, the one related to the problem of normal background radiation restoration in the Russian Arctic zone", - the organizers report.

International "Global Energy" Prize is an independent award for outstanding scientific research and technological development in the power field to promote greater efficiency and environmentally friendly energy sources in the world for the benefit of all mankind.

Since 2003, the Prize was awarded to 31 scientists from 10 countries: UK, Germany, Iceland, Canada, Russia, USA, Ukraine, France, Sweden and Japan. The decision on the winners’ choice takes the"Global Energy" International Award Committee which consists of 25 respected scientists from 10 countries. Nomination Prize Pool is of 2.7 thousand scientists from 60 countries from all continents.

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