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Goals and objectives of the technological modernization of the Russian Federation was discussed by the leading Russian and world experts and heads of ministries and departments of the country during the First All-Russian Congress "Technology Platform Integrated Safety of Industry and Energy"(TP ISIE).

The Congress opened on May 20 within the framework of the International Salon "Integrated Safety-2014" held in Moscow in the territory of the National Economy Exhibition. Congress will complete its work on May 21.

The Congress was opened by the Minister of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation A.V. Puchkov, who highlighted the importance of integrated safety problems for the development of the Russian economy.

"Only teamwork of the authorities, science and society allows us to solve all the problems of prevention, disaster risk management and implementation of plans and programs aimed at improving the systems of population and territory at the highest level" - the Minister said.

In turn, L.A. Bolshov, Director of the Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE RAN), RAS Corresponding Member, Co-Chair of the Board of TP ISIE, said that our country had gained tremendous scientific expertise in the analysis of safety in industry and power engineering, particularly in nuclear power generation. He noted that solution of integrated safety problems in the industry can be a significant incentive for business development in the country.



Ya.I. Shtrombakh, Deputy Director of the Nationa lResearch Center "Kurchatov Institute", reminded that teamwork of IBRAE and SRC "Kurchatov Institute" had led to the creation of TP ISIE. "Kurchatov Institute” stood at the origins of nuclear power engineering in Russia, and today, nuclear power is just the area which accumulated the wealth of experience of emergency management and mitigation of accident consequences. And we want to transfer this experience to other sectors of industry and energy to understand what we can expect as a result of our activities,"- said the scientist.

TP ISIE was approved and included in the list of technological platforms by the decision of the Presidium of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on economic modernization and innovative development of Russia.


IBRAE RAN and NRC "Kurchatov Institute" were initially appointed the TP ISIE organizations-coordinators. Then Bauman Moscow State Technical University joined to them. A. Alexandrov, the MSTU Rector, became co-chairman of the Board of TP ISIE. M.V. Kovalchuk, Director of NRC "Kurchatov Institute", RAS Corresponding Member and L.A. Bolshov, Director of the Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE), RAS Corresponding Member, are the research managers of TP ISIE. Prof. V.N. Ponomarev, Deputy Director of IBRAE RAN, is the Chairman of TP ISIE Board. Academician N.P. Aleshin, Director of Scientific-Educational Center Welding and Control" at Bauman MSTU is the Chairman of Expert Council.





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