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Technology Platform Integrated Safety of Industry and Energy"

Technology Platform “Integrated Safety of Industry and Energy" was approved and included in the list of technological platforms by the decision of the Presidium of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on economic modernization and innovative development of Russia (minutes No.2 of July 31, 2013).

Initiative of TP ISIE establishment was a response to the Order of Vladimir Putin (Minutes No.4 of meeting of the Chief Designers Board under the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation dated 07.12.2009, p.7). The President of Russia (the Prime Minister at that time), appreciating the experience of leading organizations working on the creation of safety systems in the nuclear industry, charged to consider this experience in developing measures to ensure the reliability and safety in the industry and energy sectors.

The Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE RAN) and the National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute" were appointed the TP ISIE organizations-coordinators.

M.V. Kovalchuk, Director of NRC "Kurchatov Institute", RAS Corresponding Member and L.A. Bolshov, Director of the Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE), RAS Corresponding Member, are the research managers of TP ISIE.

Academician N.P. Aleshin, Director of Scientific-Educational Center Welding and Control" at Bauman MSTU is the Chairman of Expert Council.

Consultant and partner in the transformation of technological projects in business projects, as well as potential co-investor is OJSC "Federal Center for Project Finance" (100% subsidiary of the State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank). IBRAE RAN as a representative of TP ISIE signed an agreement on cooperation and exchange of information with the Center.

The Council of TP ISIE that defines its development strategy ensures coordination with the concerned authorities and development institutions, public corporations, the leading Russian companies and business associations. It is composed of representatives of federal departments and agencies (the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Natural Resources, EMERCOM, Rostehnadzor, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Industry of Russia), the Federal Assembly of Russia, large Russian corporations and companies, and representatives of the business community.

This tool is an analogue of the European Technology Platform «Industrial Safety» (ETPIS).

TP ISIE is a self-governing community; its main purpose is to coordinate and concentrate the research and development, production, technological, financial, administrative and educational resources aimed at:

  • creation of advanced technologies, new products and services that enhance the integrated safety in industry and energy through prediction and prevention of accidents and emergencies on the basis of risk analysis and management;
  • improvement of the norms and regulations in the field of integrated safety in industry and energy, construction, building materials and products.

Public-private partnership (PPP) is the basis of TP ISIE activity.

At present, about 150 organizations are the members of TP ISIE, including leading industry and academic research institutes, universities, public corporations, developers, research and design offices, engineering, manufacturing and service companies, financial organizations, insurance companies, marketing and sales organizations, public organizations and associations.

Platform activities covers a wide range of areas from nuclear and radiation safety, fire and environmental safety, non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of equipment and facilities to integrated monitoring systems and safety management of complex technical objects and systems; from integrated safety of buildings and structures to monitoring, forecasting and modeling of natural phenomena and their possible consequences, life safety in general, as well as information technology, telecommunications and reliability and safety of energy systems, transportation safety, insurance tools, financial risks, socio-economic, laws and technical regulations aspects of integrated safety, and others.

The most important result of TP ISIE activities should be creation of conditions to activate the processes of transformation of innovative research ideas into marketable products.

The projects, related to improving reliability of power supply for housing and communal sector, are among the priorities.

A model concept of the project "Establishment of an integrated life safety management system" ("Safe city" project) is under development.

Arrangements are made for production of concealed perimeter detector "POST" which is masked active detection agent of radio-wave type to protect the long boundaries in the areas with arbitrary relief and any level of vegetation.

IBRAE RAN as the coordinator of the Technology Platform signed the Agreement on cooperation with the following organizations:


• Federal Nuclear Industrial and Environmental Regulatory Authority of the Russian Federation (Rostechnadzor);

• TP "Bioenergy";

• TP "Technology for Environmental Development";

• TP " Deep processing of hydrocarbon resources";

• TP "Controlled thermonuclear fusion";

• TP "Smart Energy System of Russia."

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