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IBRAE RAN published a Preprint "Radioactive contamination of the ground at the construction site of the Southeast Chord: assessment and projections of radiation safety of the population"

The paper presents the results of the analysis of the existing radiation situation and projection for the case of the construction of a section of the Southeast Chord near the borders of the Moscow Polymetal Plant. The environmental conflict that arose in 2019 is considered from the standpoint of radiation safety and risk communication. In addition to purely scientific results, the preprint provides a general description of the radiation situation in the city, the basic principles for ensuring radiation protection of the population in case of detection of radiation anomalies, and briefly describes the city’s radiation safety provision system. The paper is supplemented with links allowing a better understanding of the scale of radiation risks, and they are negligible in comparison with other technological risks that accompany the life of Muscovites. The publication is designed for a wide range of readers - from narrow specialists to public figures and environmental activists. 

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