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Until the early 2000s, the concept of deferred decisions as applied to the management of radwasate and SNF was in force in Russia, and that resulted in accumulation of problems and increase of potential threats to radiation and environmental safety in our country.
The experience of foreign countries (USA, France and UK) has demonstrated that attaining a significant risk reduction and a safe condition of nuclear legacy facilities is only possible through active participation of the state, that shall include implementation of special target programs.


An outlook for evolution of the situation with radwaste management safety in case of active intervention of the state (FTP) and without such intervention (no FTP)

The FTP ‘Nuclear and Radiation Safety for 2008 and for the Period till 2015’ (hereinafter ‑ the Program) was developed in accordance with the order of the RF President № Pr-415 of March 16, 2006 and the order of RF Government № MF P7-1136 of March 23, 2006.

The State Corporation ‘Rosatom’ is the Program’s State customer and coordinator, whereas the EMERCOM of Russia, ROSHYDROMET, ROSTECHNADZOR, Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport, Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA), Ministry of Industry & Trade, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Education and Science and NRC ‘Kurchatov Institute’ are the state customers of the Program. Institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences were also involved in the development of the FTP concept.

The Program was approved by Decree № 444 of the RF Government of 13.07.2007.

The key objective of the Program is a comprehensive solution of the nuclear and radiation safety problems in the Russian Federation. The Program covers the management of SNF & radwaste; decommissioning of NRHF; and development and improvement of the systems that are required for support and monitoring of nuclear and radiation safety.

The Program implementation will provide:

  • establishment of key infrastructure elements for SNF & radwaste-management systems;
  • measures on elimination or transfer of decommissioned NRHF to an environmentally-safe state;
  • an acceptable level of radiation risks to human beings and the environment from NRHF and ionizing radiation sources (IRS) of man-made and natural origin; and
  • development of systems to control, account, monitor and respond in case of emergency in the nuclear-and-radiation safety areas.

The basis for long-term nuclear, radiation and environmental safety of Russia, when using the nuclear energy, will be established within the framework of the Program.

Since 2008, IBRAE RAN provides administrative, technical and scientific support of the Program including:

  • monitoring of implementation of the Program activities and maintaining the related databases;
  • preparation of reporting materials on progress of the Program implementation including reporting on target indicator and indices;
  • drawing up analytical materials on: implementation of the Program by Rosatom in 2009—2015; key activity lines of the RF Government on ensuring nuclear and radiation safety up to 2012; and the sub-program ‘Ensuring Nuclear and Radiation Safety for 2012—2020’ within the framework of the Russian State Program ‘Development of Nuclear Power-and-Industry Complex’;
  • preparing materials for Rosatom (the Program’s State customer and coordinator) for making management decisions;
  • information support of Rosatom on implementation of the Program;
  • developing proposals for amendments to the Program;
  • organizing meetings and workshops on the Program;
  • collection, systematization and archiving of documents under the Program (registers of state contracts and additional agreements, reports, acceptance certificates, registers of contractors and subcontractors and others); preparation of materials for incorporation into a database of expert support of the Program implementation; and
  • publishing information on the official website of the Program about its progress and results, financing of activities, contests and winner-determining criteria, etc.

Role and Place of IBRAE in the Management System of the Program


Preparation for publication of a three-volume monograph ‘Problems of Nuclear Legacy and the Ways of Their Solution’ (the first two volumes were issued in 2012 and 2013) has become a significant contribution of IBRAE RAN to the development of methodology and scientific-information base for ensuring nuclear and radiation safety. The monograph addresses general problems of nuclear legacy and also urgent tasks and concepts of radwaste management.


Currently, the efforts of IBRAE specialists are focused on development of a concept of the FTP ‘Nuclear and Radiation Safety in 2016-2020 and for the period up to 2025’.


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